The lawn is a part of the home or building, if the lawn gets maintain properly and timely than it gives the attractive look of the home. The lawn is basically a field or area where the plantation has been done, and smaller size plants are planted or mainly the grasses are present in the lawn. In lawn many sorts of plants are there, which gives the beautiful appearance and natural feeling to the human beings. If a person’s don’t feel good then they can visit lawn and feel the greenery, that makes their mood good in small time.


But the maintenance of the plants, grass, or the lawn is must because if it not get maintenance properly then the pest will attack on the plants or grass that will destroy the beautiful look of the lawn. Therefore, the lawn care supplies the many features to the person’s lawn that keep their lawn safe and protected. The custom of lawn is followed for the past many years, many of the buildings, offices, or the houses possess the lawn that will provide the best look to the building.


The lawn is mainly referred to the managing of grass space, and the main principle of the lawn is to spread the greenery or the green color through the grass or small size plants. The lawn has one special feature that it provides the interaction between the constructed city or housing space and the environment. Lawn offers the aesthetic and artistic pleasure and happiness, it is used for the sports or for further the recreational use.


The lawn area will be useful for the sports, because it gives very good experience for the players because the surface where the players are playing are migrated with erosion as well as dust produced by the severe foot traffic. The lawn is good for the players who play the football, rugby, baseball, tennis, lawn bocce, golf, cricket, soccer, and hockey, the lawn gives a cushion feeling to players who play those sports.


The maintenance of the lawn includes the cutting of the tree at the proper time because extended plants give the very bad effect to the lawn, because the extended decrease hide the appearance and not suitable for the lawn so the cutting of trees, the use of pesticide, and use of fertilizers are essential for the lawn.


The proper maintenance of the lawn gives the gorgeous look of the lawn as well as the building therefore many professionals are there that provide the maintenance service to the people. Those professional offer their service at very affordable price, through their help a person can maintain their lawn easily.


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